I am a passionate amateur photographer eager to create attractive and thought provoking images showing the people that I meet, the natural world that I see and the good and the bad of the works of man.

Now retired, I live in Saddleworth, England, overlooking Pennine moorland and close to villages, towns and cities that played important roles both in the local agrarian culture and in the global industrial revolution. Good fortune and an adventurous spirit have allowed me to experience a little of our world. As mountaineer, traveller and engineer I have met with people from many cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, experiencing a tiny speck of their lives and their habitats. I have also journeyed to many fascinating places, some crowded with humanity, some very remote, some with great risk, some heart wrenchingly terrible and many beautiful and uplifting.

Despite my good fortune so far, my small eyes have barely scratched at the surface of our enormous planet. During my own lifetime the global human population has almost tripled, accelerating the development of much that is good for itself but also causing destructive conflicts and immense long-term damage to environments and habitats in the pursuit.


There are so many people yet to meet, places to experience and vistas to be moved by but now not without an increasing awareness of the conditional challenges faced by humanity and our home planet.


Capturing emotional flecks in photographic images remains one of my greatest challenges. Maybe we share things about how we explore and see our World - I hope so.